Monet Skies

by albertwkang

Life is a sea… and sometimes we drift along

We sway and ebb, live it up till we’re dead…

Hearts filled with song

Life is a sea… and isn’t it so blue?

The cool foaming waves, crashing – thrashing

On top of you.

Life is a sea… and we sail on so calm

Wondering where we’re going

& where all the time has gone?

Life is a sea… stretching on and on and on

& isn’t it such fun, basking in the sun?

Forgetting all our wrongs…

If life is a journey… I’m just glad it’s with you.

Walking hand in hand, taking all of ‘life’ we can stand

Until it brings us somewhere new.

Life is a canvas, and we’re painting this picture together

Living like we’re living forever…

& Oh darling,

Watch how the years fly by!…

When we’re painting our lives,

Sailing the seas, under perfect Monet skies…

– Albert W. Kang